What do we do?

The Quinoa Company offers a superior wide range of non bitter quinoa varieties, each with unique agronomic traits to make quinoa accessible in local markets worldwide. Our global network of dedicated growers and food companies has seen the advantages already. Based on consumer insights, we select and optimize better quinoa varieties, improve yields for farmers and help food companies create healthy food solutions for consumers.

Through our experience in cultivation, selecting varieties and processing, we offer multinationals in the food industry extensive product knowledge for their product solutions. Through the wide range of quinoa ingredients and detailed knowledge, we can meet your needs in the best way possible. Our largest clients have the possibility to steer the direction of future quinoa varieties resulting from a world-class breeding program in close collaboration with Wageningen University and Research.

Where breeding & expertise fulfill your needs in quinoa


Superior quinoa varieties

Each quinoa variety has his own unique agronomic traits and food quality characteristics.



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Global Expertise

We centralize our specialised knowledge in our Global Quinoa Centre of Expertise.



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Tailored solutions for B2B

We serve and support you in the development and creation of your quinoa concepts.



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Our promise

The Quinoa Company aims to make locally-grown quinoa available to everyone on the planet.



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