The salad of the summer is quinoa and arugula, according to GrubHub

According to a report of GrubHub the summer salad of 2019 is a arugala and Quinoa salad, and we understand why.
Quinoa is a diverse ingredient which can be used in many ways, but the most common way to add quinoa to a dish is still into a salad. Quinoa has many benefits. For example, Quinoa is one of the few plant-based sources of high quality proteins as it contains all essential amino acids. In fact: the LoQal™ quinoa varieties we work with are wholegrain as well. So another reason making a healthy quinoa salad. 

“Quinoa is a terrific addition, especially for vegetarians and vegans. It’s one of the few plant-based foods that’s a complete protein.”

Source: Well + Good

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