“The government of Canada eliminates meat and dairy products”


Worldwide more and more governments are looking into their guidelines for their current food system and come to the conclusion less animal protein should be consumed. Therefore governments start advising to eat more protein-based protein. Even World Health Organization, WHO, prefers a more plant-based food system, and stimulates people to choose more for meat alternatives. stimulating people to eat less meat.

These developments are promising according to us! With quinoa being a valuable plant base protein source and our mission to make quinoa accessible to everybody worldwide, we are in the key position to contribute to a global food system which is focused more on plant based protein. Together with our global network of quinoa partners, we can commit to this promise. 

Food guide lines according the governments 

Multiple countries worldwide have their own guidelines for advising people how to compile  a healthy diet. In the USA these guidelines are called “My Plate guide to healthy eating”, in The Netherlands the “Schijf van Vijf” is used. All initiatives of how the government tries to educate people how to make healthier food choices.

Already a few years ago, The American Medical Association (AMA) – the premier national physician organization in America –  adapted the conclusions which were aimed at helping the people eat better. These advices are based on a research published in JAMA which concluded that the consumption of animal protein can be linked to chronical diseases like cancer and diabetes. They are stimulating more plant based meals and meals that are low in fat, sodium and added sugars, eliminating processed meals and promoting healthier drinks. Therefore they improve the health of patients, staff and visitors.

In Canada the government decided to eliminate meat and dairy products as one of the essential groups in their guidelines. The focus is now put on plant-based whole foods including more plant-based proteins sources, plenty of vegetables and fruits and whole grain foods. These food system changes are driven by the urge for better public health and a more sustainable food system as research shows consumption of animal protein can be linked to chronical diseases like cancer and diabetes. 

The new guidelines the government of Canada introduces are:  
  • Eat as less of no processed food
  • Eat as many whole food plant based. Hereby they mean; non processed food, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, seed, and grain like oats, rice or pseudo grains like quinoa and amaranth.
  • Chose water over soft drinks
  • Eat protein especially in seed, nuts, chickpea and tofu
Source: AMA & AM Lifestyle Medicine

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