“Eating to improve the food system”

WWF UK and Knorr


Last February, WWF UK and Knorr published The Future Foods 50. The report features 50 nutritious plant-based ingredients – some familiar to many, some less well known – but all selected based on their nutritional value and relative impact on the environment. 

“Diversified diets not only improve human health but benefit the environment through diversified production systems that encourage wildlife and more sustainable use of resources.”
– Peter Gregory, Research Advisor, Crops For the Future –

Quinoa is one of the nutrious plant-based ingredients from The Future Foods 50. We are very pleased because with The Quinoa Company wants to contribute to global food security with more varied diets and more biodiversity. We believe Quinoa is the perfect crop for it.

Quinoa is one of the few plant-based sources of high quality proteins as it contains all essential amino acids. The high amount of dietary fibres, minerals and vitamins makes it a healthy bases for all kinds of dishes and food products. It fits into the food system for now and in the future. Quinoa is gluten free and naturally free of other main allergens. It is known for its easy and pleasant digestion which makes it appropriate for everyone. 

Impressive crop for growers

Besides its interesting nutritional values, quinoa is an impressive crop. It is highly efficient in water use, even able to grow in salty conditions and because of its quality to adapt to different environments more and more grown close to home. Therefore quinoa contributes to biodiversity as an extra crop option for farmers. Quinoa is a high quality product and a valuable crop for a sustainable healthy food system.

Source: Unilever 

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