“But really it is the seed that determines the system, not the other way around”

“We are told that everything begins with seed. Everything ends with it, too. As a chef I can tell you that your meal will be incalculably more delicious if I’m cooking with good ingredients. But until that afternoon I’d rarely considered how seed influences — determines, really — not only the beginning and the end of the food chain,
but also every link in between.”

– Dan Barber, The New York Times –

As The Quinoa Company we totally agree with the opinion of Dan Barber. “Everything begins with the seed”. This also obtains for quinoa, the seed we deliver towards our network.
We deliver high quality sowing seed to a global network of quinoa cultivations partners. We offer a wide portfolio of non-bitter LoQal™ quinoa varieties. Each variety has his own unique agronomic traits and food quality characteristics. This diversity has enabled us to expand the production of the LoQal™ quinoa varieties to new regions worldwide.and also to diversify its food applications.

“It is as if the seed is a toy that comes with a mile-long list of component parts you’re required to purchase to make it function properly.”

Together with the knowledge that is gained from the program and the insights of our network of quinoa growers, we build unrivalled expertise about our LoQal™ quinoa varieties. Therefore we can provide you with appropriate improved seeds and cultivation support to ‘make it function properly’. In the end we want to improve the yield stability for our farmers and improve nutritional and processing traits quality for food companies and consumers. 

The quinoa seeds of LoQal™ varieties are:

  • Non-bitter

  • Wholegrain with a full flavour and firm bite

  • Saponin-free which also means cost-effective and eco-friendly processing

  • High in nutritional value

  • Locally grown by our global network of farmers

  • Traceable, transparent and ethical

Do you want more information about our LoQal™ varieties? Please visit our page about LoQal™ or please feel free to contact us. 

Source: The New York Times
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