The Quinoa Company and its farming partners work exclusively with LoQal™ quinoa varieties: superior varieties developed by Wageningen University and Research. 
This wide range of superior quinoa varieties can be recognised by its registered global B2B trademark LoQal™.
In this way customers have the guarantee what they buy at any time.

The LoQal™ quinoa trademark guarantees:

  • Non bitter (quinoa) varieties of Wageningen University and Research
  • Wholegrain with a full flavour and firm bite
  • Saponin-free also means cost-effective and eco-friendly processing
  • High nutritional value
  • Locally grown by our dedicated network of farmers
  • Traceable, transparent and ethical

Our varieties & world-class breeding program

Our Diverse Portfolio

The Quinoa Company currently offers its partners seven (naturally) non bitter varieties. These varieties show systematic differences in agronomic traits (Figure 1)

Figure 1: Comparison of phenology and grain-physical characteristics. Differences in bubble colour and size provide an indication of systematic differences in grain colour and grain size.

Future Opportunities

The Quinoa Company will deliver a new generation of quinoa varieties, rationally designed to improve yields, expand the crop’s geographic range and diversify its food applications. Our current breeding pipeline began in 2017 and will progressively deliver varieties until 2023 (Figure 2). Beyond improving yield performance in all our varieties, our selection work will also focus on:

Objective 1: Adding a wider color assortment (black and rust-brown quinoa)

Objective 2: Increasing protein yields per hectare

Objective 3: Expanding the crop’s geographic range to regions with short-growing seasons (e.g. Canada, US, Japan)

Objective 4: Increasing grain size and whiteness of grains


Figure 2: Projected products (varieties) of breeding pipeline until 2023

Figure 3: We know every step of the quinoa chain; from breeding till customer needs.