Three important pillars of The Quinoa Company

LoQal™ quinoa varieties

At The Quinoa Company we are among a lot of other things involved in production of sowing seed, conducting variety trials and steering a worldwide network of sublicense partners.

Sublicense partners

A big asset of The Quinoa Company is its extensive network of dedicated sublicense partners. These partners are controlling the complete quinoa supply chain in their territories. This means they are not only involved in selling the quinoa to their customers, but they also make sure that the quinoa is sustainably grown by one of their contract growers, the varieties are protected within their territory and that the product is dried and cleaned according to the current food quality standards. In this way they can secure top quality product on the consumers plate. With their presence in the local market the sublicense partners are also a very important source of up-to-date market intelligence which helps all the partners in our network to stay at the forefront and stay ahead off al important developments in the quinoa business.

Quinoa sowing seed

One of our main tasks as The Quinoa Company is to supply our sublicense partners with high quality sowing seed to get a healthy crop and a head-start for a successful yield. At The Quinoa Company we work with dedicated and specialized partners to ensure that the production of sowing seed is of the highest quality with only pure seeds as a result. The coming years we will invest considerable time and resources to improve quality and efficiency of the sowing seed production.
The production of good quality sowing seed is a long and intensive trajectory, which needs a lot of attention. From the start of sowing seed production, with breeders seed, until the large scale availability of high quality and pure sowing seeds takes 3 years.

Variety trials

Besides good quality sowing seed, it is very important to have detailed knowledge about the LoQal™ varieties. Therefore The Quinoa Company invests in variety trials all over the world to gather up-to-date multi environmental data. This year’s trial in The Netherlands contains all non-bitter varieties in TQC’s portfolio, with 3 replications in randomized blocks. All developmental stages of the varieties are described in detail, so we are able to advise our sublicense partners even better regarding agronomical issues. Besides that we are looking at different fertilization strategies and its effect on seed (nutritional) quality.

Across the world we are conducting several trials with selected varieties, together with (potential) sublicense partners. These trials are very important for The Quinoa Company and deliver information about cultivation characteristics under different environments and different cultivation techniques. These trials not only show us if varieties can be successful in a specific area, but also allows the sublicense partner to get acquainted with the varieties.

In the coming years The Quinoa Company will intensify the variety trials in cooperation with their partners. Besides the existing varieties we will also start to trial new potential varieties that are in the current breeding pipeline. In this way important knowledge of new ground-breaking varieties is obtained under more commercial cultivation practices. Only after extensive trialling and the confidence that the new variety will be significantly more beneficial for the growers operation, new varieties will be introduced and advised by The Quinoa Company to their partners.

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