Providing variety in agrifood with superior quinoa varieties

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After the previous great projects that I was allowed to supervise, I feel personally privileged to launch The Quinoa Company. Not only because of the excitement of starting such an ambitious global company. It is also the great feeling of genuinely contributing to a more sustainable and diverse (and therefore, futureproof) agrifood sector. The Quinoa Company is going to make locally-grown quinoa accessible to everyone worldwide. I would like to point out what essentially makes The Quinoa Company, in my perspective, so special:

  1. Our joint-breeding program with Wageningen University and Research is built on the latest scientific, market and customer insights.

It all started by acquiring the commercial license for global exploitation rights of superior quinoa varieties bred by Wageningen University and Research. Together with them we now execute the leading breeding program in quinoa. In our joint-breeding program we focus on sustainability, farmer-profitability (yield) and nutritional value. Carefully we select and improve our varieties to meet (future) demands of food industry & farming partners

2. We support professional farmers worldwide in growing and selling our quinoa varieties in their local markets

The Quinoa Company delivers superior varieties suited for different climates and agricultural systems. This enables farmers around the world (including those farming on marginal grounds) to grow quinoa in their local territory. We believe that our varieties are a determining factor in the “popularisation” of quinoa. Growing quinoa in many more places on earth will also help restore agricultural biodiversity globally. Our farming partners form a network which shares knowledge, experience and assistance to reach the highest quality of quinoa production. Today, The Quinoa Company supports farmers in over 20 countries, and in our mission to serve a growing global demand for sustainable and healthy food alternatives, we expect to rapidly add new farming partners from new countries to our growing quinoa network.

  1. Support global sourcing of uniform-quality quinoa by directly connecting multinational customers to our farmer network.

Due to our role as licensor of our superior quinoa varieties towards our global farming network, we can act as a central point-of-contact for multinational customers. For these clients, The Quinoa Company can support global sourcing of fit-for-purpose quinoa varieties (tailored for specific food applications), locally grown in the region closest-by to where the products are processed and/or consumed. In this way The Quinoa Company and its partners are able to guarantee scalable volumes and stable prices in a transparent, quality-controlled supply chain in every continent.

LoQal Quinoa = Quinoa with a passport

Buying quinoa from the network of The Quinoa Company means exactly knowing what you buy:  from the variety  (selected to meet your needs), place of origin to  its supply chain.  This is why our quinoa truly is Quinoa with a Passport. As simple as is seems, as unique it is: ‘Blockchain avant la lettre’. Our quinoa varieties can be recognised by the ingredient trademark LoQal™. 

  1. We build the Global Quinoa Centre of Expertise as a driver for innovation with our B2B-customers

Our Global Quinoa Centre of Expertise helps our multinational customers speed up their innovation. First the Global Quinoa Centre of Expertise is a commonplace for our partners to built and capture valuable intelligence of quinoa. . Secondly, with our in-depth know-how & expertise in quinoa breeding, cultivation and processing, we can help our customers in the fast(er) development of distinctive quinoa-based food solutions. We provide R&D-services in 4 main channels: Industry, Foodservice, Retail and Bakery. So please feel invited to contact us to provide you with our support.

At The Quinoa Company we are not only highly motivated to serve our current customers and farmers. But also want to find new ones to work with quinoa. Hello world, hello new partner, welcome to the team. Please leave your footprint at the button below and you will receive our response tailored for you.

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