The Quinoa Company unites growers, processors and end-users looking to establish sustainable and profitable quinoa production chains. Our strategy aims at vertical integration; we are therefore involved in every step of the chain by providing our partners a unique range of products, services and custom made solutions:

Advantages for Food industry & Retail

Vertical integration can only work if the end-user can obtain consistent products with bespoke specifications. To this end, The Quinoa Company wants to support its customers globally by improving its production chains in service of the marketplace. Food makers worldwide can count on the following:

Quinoa with a Passport

Local production chains built on LoQalTM varieties will always guarantee product traceability and consistency, and will respect the environment and local ethical principles.

Centralized Point of Contact

The Quinoa Company is always at your service. Global food makers can always contact the Quinoa Company to explore sourcing possibilities and bespoke solutions.

Consistency and Trust

LoQalTM is synonymous with quality, consistency and traceability. It is also synonymous with trust: we guarantee stable pricing. 

Product-oriented Solutions

Our world-class breeding program (in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research) and in-house R&D helps us translate your market and industrial needs into bespoke solutions.  

Advantages for Growers & Processors

The Quinoa Company is actively looking for farming partners capable of organizing local quinoa production chains from cultivation to added-value processing. In their efforts, we offer unrivalled benefits:


Improved Field Productivity

Our varieties provide growers high and consistent yields.


Efficient and Cost-effective Processing

The non-bitter nature of our varieties precludes the need for cost-, water- and resource intensive de-saponification.

Learning as a Community

We centralize the technical insights and experiences of our global partner network to provide continual support in cultivation, post-harvest processing and market-intelligence.


Centralized Marketing and Branding Support

We are educating industry, foodservice, retailers and also consumers worldwide about the benefits of LoQalTM. As ambassadors of LoQalTM quinoa our partners will gain access to the growing market need for high-quality, traceable and sustainably-sourced quinoa as an ingredient or end-product.

Quinoa will be a standard ingredient in our diet; it is delicious, easy and really healthy

– La Place